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Suwarna (Sue) and Milind Tilak (Mel) are a team of Husband & Wife Physicians who complement each other's work style and have been providing care to Northeast Florida residents more than 10 years.

Milind (Mel) Tilak, MD

Dr Milind (Mel) Tilak is board certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and is Board Eligible in Pain management by ABIPP (American board of Interventional Pain Physicians). ABIPP and ABIM both have specialty board recognition in Florida.

Dr. Mel passed the competency examination in controlled substance management with Distinction in October, 2014 conducted by ABIPP and passed part 1 of ABIPP exam with distinction (77.5% passing score: proves competency in pain management diagnosis, work up and non surgical medication treatment) held in July of 2015 and is expected to complete Pain management Board certification in 2015. 

Although Dr. Tilak has been performing pain management procedures well over 15 years, recently there has been a push for all physicians to get  borad certification in their respective field of practice as a mark of proficiency in the field. At the time Dr. Tilak started his medical practice in Florida in 1997, the availibilty of Board examination in pain management from ABIPP simply did not exist.

Dr. Mel has a special interest in pain management, not just using pain medications, but to give long term relief to patients suffering from pain. We use a Fluoroscopy machine (Xray) on site, and Dr. Mel Tilak has been successfully doing interventional pain management with precision of 1 mm, using the fluoroscopy, and modern techniques. He also uses state of the art Neurodiagnostics, if needed to determine affliction of nerves. As an Internist, Dr. Mel is of course very comfortable with patients who have Cardiology, Pulmonary, Diabetes, Hypertension, Allergy, Psychiatry and several other medical conditions. He has a special interest in smoking cessation.

Special Interest:

1) Main focus is Spine pain management, without surgery, using steroid, local anesthetic injections guided by Fluoroscopy, with state of the art technology. Dr. Mel Tilak, regularly attends conferences on pain management, to keep abreast of the latest techniques and advances. Dr. Tilak performs facet injections or medial branch blocks, Sacroiliac joint blocks, radiofrequency nerve ablation for chronic neck and back pains, epidural injections and other specialized procedures like sympathetic blocks etc. Please check the Link section on our website to learn more about the pain mangement procedures we perform. Dr Tilak also performs joint injections (knee, shoulder,hip), carpal tunnel injections and others.

2)  Treatment of addictions: including smoking shots for smoking cessation, suboxone for narcotics addiction, camprall for alcohol addiction, with good success rates in all.

3) Skin allergy testing, dermatological procedures like biopsy, removal of skin lesions. Nasopharyngoscopy for diagnosis of conditions like nasal polyps and other nasal and oropharyngeal pathologies.


Baptist South Medical Center 

Have contract with Hospitalists visiting variety of hospitals in the area


ALL major plans, including Medicaid and other State funded plans. We are accepting new patients at this time but we do not accept Adult Medicaid.

Additional Members of our staff (Biographies coming soon): 

* William (David) Speer, PA-C

* Angela Locklear, ARNP